Assessment Services

The Health Hub provides Cognitive and Educational Learning assessments (Psychoeducational Assessment) and Developmental Disorder Assessments (ADHD, Autism, Intellectual Impairment).

A full Psychoeducational Assessment provides an overall profile of a students learning abilities. This can be used to  identify underlying learning difficulties and provide explanations as to why learning may be difficult. Based on this information, strategies will be recommended for the home and school to support the learner and help them achieve their potential. 

Common reasons children are referred for assessment include:

  •  He is smart and work hard, however he just get C’s
  • She can’t seem to focus in class and the teacher reports she is easily distracted
  • He knows his spelling words at the start of the week however cannot remember them for the test on friday
  • Why is learning so hard for him?

The Psychoeducational Assessment includes:

  1. An initial review of previous tests and reports.
  2. An Clinical Interview
  3. A standardised Cognitive (intelligence) Test/s e.g. WPPSI-II, WISC-IV, SB-5
  4. A standardised Achievement (academic) Test/s e.g. WIAT-II, DST, NEPSY,
  5. Memory Tests if needed
  6. Assessment of Sensory Processing
  7. Various subtests from other relevant assessment tools
  8. A detailed assessment report
  9. Tailored learning recommendations for your child
  10. A comprehensive feedback session to answer all your questions
  11. Direct feedback sessions are offered to school staff upon request