Starting January 2019 School Holiday



Assessments: January 9 / 10

Dates: January 21 / 22 / 23 / 24 / 24 / 25 (this is the week prior to school returning)

Time: 9.30 – 11.00 am each day

Location: Belmont or Wynnum (to be confirmed)

Ages: 7 – 10 years (have completed 1 – 2 years of schooling)

Cost: $ 450  (including resource book, assessment & summary for school)

Who: Amanda, Jed, Adrian, Victor (as schedules permit)

The Health Hub team are collaborating to offer our current and new families an opportunity to attend an intensive literacy clinic using an integrated approach to remediating reading and literacy difficulties. The program will consist of five (5) 1 hour 30 min sessions to target a range of skills necessary for the development of fluent, accurate and successful reading skills. Using evidence the program will integrate important gross and fine motor skills with phonological awareness, phonemic awareness and the teaching of synthetic phonics. Time will be given to preparation for learning as well as individualised teaching based on analysis of spelling and reading skills (real and non-word).

The ideal client will have history of limited success in reaching school targets in reading benchmarks, difficulty in reading comprehension and slow to progress in spelling and writing. They may have some associated difficulties in listening and expressing themselves. The child may have some underlying difficulties in gross and fine motor development that may not be diagnosed – low tone, limited trunk support, sensory seeking, poor visual processing or poor organisational skills.


Through assessment, we will individualise the program to cater for the children attending. The assessment will be conducted in small groups of 3-4 students, and while one clinician is administering the assessment, another will be interviewing parents. We will be using a phonological awareness assessment, reading, and language assessment with observation scale for motor development.


Following the assessment, children will be grouped with similar peers in a group no more the 3 for intervention.

Our ideal intervention schedule will follow:

9.30 – Greetings & Preparation To Learning (SLP & OT)

10 – 11  Integrating Body & Brain (SLP & OT – Collaboration on Tasks Multi-Dis)

We will be using a range of resources to individualise and create a literacy intervention for our clients. Some of the published programs that will we be accessing include:

  • Move to Learn (Gross / Fine Motor / Visual Processing /Retained Primitive Reflex Training)
  • UQ PAL Program
  • SSP
  • Best Clinical Knowledge

At the completion of the clinic, families will be provided with a brief summary of assessment, program targets and intervention completed to be provided to the school team as they wish.


Please let us know if you have any queries regarding the content and delivery of the program so you may be able to share this with your families. I invite to you speak with me if you have any concerns regarding clients, and the suitability of a referral to this clinic. There is a registrar of interest for the clinic and I will be able to call families to provide additional information as necessary.


Please see our Flyer Attached for this program – INTENSIVE LITERACY CLINIC FLYER