Martta — Occupational Therapist

Martta completed her masters of occupational therapy at University of Queensland and has a bachelor degree in Exercise and Movement Science from Queensland University of technology.  Martta is passionate about mental health, as well as working with families. She is an active member of various national and international mental health and paediatric professional interest groups. She has experience working with clients aged from 3 years to 90 years in areas of

  • Daily living skills and self care – This can include learning skills to become independent with feeding, showering, playing/leisure, toileting, dressing and sleeping.
  • Instrumental activities of daily living – Developing skills to participate in all meaningful activities. For example, working on skills required for meal preparation, laundry and house work, learning at school, seeking employment and working, financial management, catching public transport, going shopping.
  • Mental health – This can include developing skills to participate in daily activities at home, school, work or at the local community.
  • Physical disability – This can include education and trial of different assistive devices, discussing wheelchair options, education on energy conservation and pain management.
  • Social skills – This can including play skills with others, such as turn taking, sharing, waiting for own turn, as well as following instructions and rules. Interventions can also focus on being aware of social cues and behaviour management.
  • Emotion regulation – This can include understanding emotion of others and self, and how our own actions and behaviour can affect others’ emotions.
  • Gross and fine motor skill development – Developing gross motor skills required for balancing, throwing, catching, jumping, climbing and running. For smaller activities, developing fine motor skills required for handwriting, arts and crafts, buttoning and shoelaces, using utensils, typing on a computer.

In her spare time, Martta loves being active and adventuring outdoors. She also works as an athletics coach for children aged 6-18 and competes in triathlon and aquathlon.

Martta is available at our clinics, at home and at school.

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