For Teens

Our psychologists can provide your teen with tailored psychological therapy for a variety of emotional, behavioural and mental health concerns including anxiety, depression, self-harm and suicide, friendship difficulties, bullying, school refusal/ disengagement, identity, gender, and low self-esteem.

For Adults

At the Health Hub, we have psychologists who specialise in assessing and treating a range of mental health concerns in adults. They will work closely with you to help you experience changes more efficiently and effectively. Our psychologists can also work with you to help you to take control of a range of issues, so that you can remove the emotional blocks that stop you from enjoying a life of happiness and good health.

Our psychologists can help if you are:

  • Feeling emotionally out of control
  • Struggling with close relationship issues
  • Dealing with loss or grief
  • Struggling with parenting or the transition to parenthood
  • Suffering from depression or anxiety
  • In need of help with sexual or gender concerns
  • Suffering from low self-confidence
  • Challenged with work or career decisions

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