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Paediatric Physiotherapists are experts in child movement and development.

They support gross motor issues, fine motor issues, low muscle tone, core strength issues, mobility issues, balance and coordination.

Our appointments offer assessment, identification, diagnosis and treatment of child development and movement difficulties.

Sessions are hands-on, skills based, individualised therapy programs that ensure optimum participation in everyday activities including play learning, schooling, and being part of the community.

We use methods such as movement training, strengthening, exercise, stretching, adapted equipment, and PLAY/GAMES based therapy.

Common presenting diagnoses that Paediatric Physiotherapists work with include:

  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Downs Syndrome
  • Autism
  • Osteoporosis
  • Angelman’s Syndrome
  • Fragile x Syndrome

and much more….

The Health Hub also offers Paediatric Physiotherapy in Skills Booster Groups as an add-on to individual therapy, to boost therapy goals in a real-world environment. 

At The Health Hub our Paediatric Physiotherapists also offer specific programs for more generalised movement and development goals: 

School Aged Children - Building and/or Regaining Core Strength & Energy to Particpate.

 This progam targets general exhaustion and getting the body back on track so that the mind can than work more efficiently. This is offered as invididual therapy or group therapy.

Essentail Skills for Playground Participation

Focusing on clumsiness, balance, co-ordination, increasing muscle tone. 

Assisting the body to move, think and do at the same time

 Focusing on muslce tone, endurance, mind to body movements, stability, co-ordination.  


Physiotherapy is the process of rehabilitation to all major systems of the body including neurological, respiratory, and cardiovascular.

Physiotherapy is recognised as an essential part of modern health care, and a leading method in optimising your recovery and healing from various ailments and trauma.

  • Reduce aches and pains
  • Rehabilitate sporting injuries
  • Optimise recovery after surgery
  • Assist in improving cardiovascular health
  • Bone fracture rehabilitation
  • Pre and Post Pregnancy care

         and much more!!!

A GP referral should be obtained if you require funding through a Chronic Disease Management Plan.
Private Health Funds Accepted – No GP referral required 

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