Cherie — Speech Pathologist

Cherie is a Certified Practicing Speech Pathologist who is passionate about the rights of people of all ages to be able to communicate effectively their wants and needs. She loves to discover each client’s uniqueness and how they wish to communicate with those around them.

Cherie has the life experience of raising two teenage children and understands many of the challenges and joys of supporting a child’s social, personal and academic development.

Cherie’s clinical experience includes:

  • Treating incorrect speech sounds when saying words (e.g. lisp)
  • Providing therapy for those who have difficulty expressing themselves. This can include people who have a limited amount of language or use incorrect words or grammar.
  • Providing therapy for those who have difficulty understanding others such as family, friends or teachers or have difficulty following directions or instructions.
  • Assisting school age children having difficulty achieving academic success.
  • Providing therapy for those who have difficulty with social interactions.
  • Providing assessment and strategies to assist clients who have difficulties in the area of consuming foods and drinks.

In her spare time Cherie enjoys reading, lifting weights and fancy teas. She particularly enjoys science fiction tv and movies and if it weren’t for her love of speech pathology would have considered a career as a time traveller.

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