Stevey graduated from University of Queensland with a Master’s of Occupational Therapy Studies. Originally from Canada, Stevey has been fortunate enough to gain a good understanding of what occupational therapy has to offer worldwide. Stevey is passionate about working with all age groups as she has extensive knowledge in:

  • Traumatic/Acquired Brain Injuries: Stevey has completed placements and volunteering in both inpatient hospital and community settings. This has included upper limb retraining, community skills and access training and cooking classes. She has also volunteered in Canada at acquired brain injury clinic focusing on transitioning clients back into the community safely.
  • Daily living skills and self-care: This may include play skills, toileting, dressing, tooth and hair brushing, showering and other personal care needs. Stevey has delivered therapeutic sessions involving these skills to clients with various conditions within all age groups.
  • Mental Health: Stevey has completed a placement in Child and Youth Mental Health Services (CYMHS) where she attended home and school visits. She has been exposed to complex cases and was able to participate in effective therapeutic sessions that were tailored to suit the clients needs
  • Functional Capacity Evaluations: Stevey has had first-hand experience assessments that focus on evaluating one’s memory, daily living skills and upper limb activity. Assessments like these are able to provide a clear indication of what therapy/intervention are required to best suit their needs.
  •  Social Skills: This may include turn taking/sharing skills when playing with a peer, basic introductions needed when making and maintaining friends and emotional regulation. Stevey has experience in developing social skills in children diagnosed with autism, cerebral palsy and other medical conditions.
  • Aged Care: Stevey has both volunteered and completed placements within aged care facilities. This has included community excursions, craft groups and meal supervision. Stevey understands the importance of providing meaningful engagement to ensure that residents experience optimal quality of life.

Stevey is available at Wynnym clinic, home and school visits.