At The Health Hub we offer a comprehensive range of assessment services. As we believe in a transdisciplinary approach to our therapy and services, each battery of tests administrated are selected based on each individuals needs.

Cognitive assessment $1350
Memory Assessment $180 – $360
Learning Disability Assessment $1800
ASD Assessment $1350
ADHD Assessment $600
Occupational Therapy Assessment $600
Speech Assessment Starting from $180
Sensory Motor Assessment $360
Brief Report $180
Comprehensive Report $180
Report & Feedback Session (in person) $450 – $550
Feedback session with school (in person or phone) $180 + $80 Travel
Under 3 year old Multidisciplinary Assessment $1170

For more information about any of our assessments or to discuss the transdisciplinary approach used at The Health Hub, please contact our Client Care Team on 07 3890 7033 or