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Develop essential pathways for the Brain and create permanent changes in the Brain with Neurofeedback Training through Brain Gain.

Learn more about BrainGain & Neurofeedback. Download the brochure. 

  • Focus Attention Effectively and Maintain It On One Task
  • Control Emotions and Impulses
  • Maintain a Sense Of Purpose
  • Respond Appropriately To The Demands Of a Specific Situation
  • Increase Memory and Learning Capacity & Performance

Neurofeedback training is a type of biofeedback that allows people to learn how to control parts of their brain function. It depends on biological signals such as the amount of oxygen-rich blood that is delivered to areas of the brain. Once someone becomes aware of a biological signal, they can learn to control it.

At The Health Hub, we use Brain Gain’s near-infrared spectroscopy neurofeedback to train people to increase blood flow to the prefrontal areas of the brain. The prefrontal brain areas play an important role in controlling attention and the rationale for training these areas is based on this role and also because blood flow to these areas increase when more attention is required.

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