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Seasons for Growth is a loss and grief group education program to support young people aged 5-19 years and adults who are affected by change, loss and grief. For younger participants, it covers loss and grief associated death, family breakdown, or any other form of separation. The adult program also targets other life changes such as unemployment, dealing with disabilities, moving to a nursing home, or even suffering from the effects of natural disasters.

The Children and Young People’s Program has a safe and engaging curriculum structure that incorporates a wide range of age-appropriate activities involving drawing, role-play, stories, discussion, playdough, music and journal activities.

All four levels of the program have flexibility to cater for participants with different learning needs or preferences. The learning processes reflect a deep respect for children’s capacity to cope, problem-solve, make good choices, set realistic goals and connect with others. Such learning develops best in supportive social contexts with peers and a caring, skilled adult ‘Companion’. Children’s learning is documented in a personal ‘Seasons for Growth’ journal so that participants can re-visit their insights in the future.

There are four different levels of the program. Each level includes eight weekly sessions, a final celebration session and two subsequent reconnector sessions (that range from 40 minutes to an hour depending on age). Each weekly session explores a concept theme such as, Life is like the Seasons, Change is Part of Life, ‘Valuing My Story, Caring for my Feelings, Making Good Choices.


Seasons for Growth aims to strengthen the social and emotional wellbeing of children and young people (aged 6-18) who are dealing with significant life changes by:

• Exploring the impact of the change and loss on everyday life

• Learning new ways to respond to these changes


Anyone who is living with the effects of change and loss. Many factors can cause change such as:

• Friends can come and go

• Loss of someone or something you love

• Parents and families separate

• Moving to a new place

• Impact of illness

• Family work-life changes

Change affects everyone differently, as does grief. It’s the impact of the change, not the event itself that Seasons for Growth focuses on. 

We suggest that anyone affected by bereavement wait 6-12 months before participating in a Seasons for Growth program.

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