Groups Held at The Health Hub:

– 123 Magic Parenting Program

This program provides essential tips and tricks to identifying your child’s emotions and managing their behaviour in a fast and effective way. It also aims to improve your parenting confidence and strengthen family bond. This will be a 3-step discipline for calm, effective and happy parenting.

– Social skills groups (for all ages)

Using creative games and play, we will help teach your child the following skills:

  • Identifying emotions
  • Conversation skills
  • Staying cool and calm
  • Making and maintaining friends
  • Listening
– Prep Readiness Group

Children who have previously participated in this program have shown decreased anxiety and increased attention when entering Prep. Our team of health professionals have designed the program to simulate a real school morning. The program includes:

  • Bringing “School” Bags
  • Eating lunch
  • Social Skills
  • Gross & Fine Motor Skills
  • Pre-Literacy Skills
  • Language Skills
  • Attending & Listening
  • Emotional Regulation
  • Saying Goodbye and Coming Inside
– Girls Group

This group offers a safe and supportive environment where girls can benefit from the assistance of therapists and same-aged peers to explore and share their feeling in relation to a range of different topics. Through exciting activities, girls can work together and develop skills around:

  • Friendship
  • Social Skills
  • Emotions
  • Hygiene
  • Puberty
  • Navigating conflict
– Fussy Eating Group

Is your child picky with their eating? Are mealtimes a nightmare? Worried about your child not receiving proper nutrition? Through parent-child work we aim to achieve the following goals:

  • To learn to have positive experiences with food
  • To learn mealtime routine and cues to eating
  • To decrease resistance to touching, tasting and swallowing food
  • To understand the ways children learn how to and how not to eat
  • To help parents understand the use of positive and negative reinforcement
  • To create a feeding program for their child to use in their home
– Get Set for Highschool

The transition to high school can be scary for both parents and their children. This group program aims to make the transition as smooth as possible. Your child will have the opportunity to meet other people who feel like they do while learning some great strategies, tips, and tricks to help them succeed.

  • Building resiliency and reducing worries
  • Developing skills for academic, social and emotional success

Providing support to help your child achieve

– Getting Out of My Head & Into My Life (all ages)

This program will help you take a different perspective on the problems you are facing and the way you live your life, through a mindful and acceptance based approach. We aim to help you:

  • Understand acceptance and mindfulness
  • Practice mindfulness skills to achieve presence in the moment
  • Foster willingness to accept painful experiences
  • Discover the things you value most and commit to living in accordance with those values
– Anger Management Group (all ages)

Anger is a normal emotion felt by everyone but for some anger can be hard to control and anger can be destructive. Anger problems can cause major upset in our lives and we need to learn to control it. This program aims to:

  • Provide education about anger
  • Help the child understand what makes them angry
  • Help the child calm intense emotions and release anger safely
  • Help the child to control frustration
  • Help resolve conflicts and problem solve
– Learning to Learn Group

Each week your child will learn different skills and strategies to help them become better learners. They will be learning and practicing the many different skills and strategies by doing fun and interactive activities.

  • Learning to turn on their brain for learning
  • Constructing their learning
  • Mind mapping and mnemonics
  • Organised learning
  • Staying on task
  • Putting it all together
– Dad’s Group

This program aims to build the parent-child relationship through supporting dad’s. The program will cover:

  • Learning what about you, and the things that are rewarding as well as the challenges you may be facing
  • Building stronger relationships with you children
  • How to model and coach how you would your child to be
  • Managing misbehaviour and praising good behaviour
  • Communicating with your child and partner

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